Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday: Post-Thanksgiving

I hosted Thanksgiving at my house this year.  With three kids and a husband who might as well be counted as my fourth child, let's just say I was under a lot of stress.  But I think I looked pretty good, and my kids & husband kept all of their clothes on the whole time the family was here...THANK YOU LORD!  

  thanksgiving before & after:

Me on Thanksgiving (yesterday) 
Me Today 

I hope you and your family had a wonderful day together yesterday.  I feel about 20 pounds fatter.  In fact, I am not getting out of these sweat pants today.  Holidays always seem to screw up any progress, but it's my own fault.  So, I'm excited to announce that on December 1st I am going to start a weight loss challenge for myself.  I'll be posting updates every week on Monday, starting on December 2nd.

Look for the update badge: 

(sorry, my graphic skills are horrible lol)

I have a week full of things planned to blog after the weekend so come back soon! :) 

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  1. Good to see you survived Thanksgiving, haha! You had a house full it sounds :) And I am so with you on 10 pounds down this month. I'm totally game, lets keep each other motivated! :) xo